Being passionate about photography is one thing but getting so excited its hard to keep it all to yourself is another, that’s why I absolutely love doing workshops and tutorials. Either starting from the very basics to going out on location exploring new territory or sharing favourite spots, whatever the situation learning is done in a fun and informative way. Workshops can be group or 1-to-1 and either at home or on location or even special events.

During my previous career I invested a considerable amount of time qualifying to become a staff trainer, since leaving that role I have been able to use those skills elsewhere. Each workshop is tailored to the individual or group depending on booking style larger group booking will be more generic or event/location specific.

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Video Tutorials

Currently a work in progress due to time it takes to plan out a tutorial and record it, the video tutorials will cover some basic and advanced things using software such as Photoshop and Lightroom as well as Photoshop elements, and at some point in the future some on location landscape tutorials.