The Artist behind is Wayne Humphrey. Wayne has always had a passion for photography, but has only taken that passion seriously for the last 10 years. During those years he has learnt his own style of photography, often breaking the rules to shoot in his own unique way, inspired by some of the classic shots of some of Great Britain’s lush and wondrous countryside and landscapes. Wayne is also fortunate enough to live near the coast in West Sussex giving plentiful opportunity to create stunning seascapes too.

In a recent interview Wayne said, “Getting out in the open air to locations that are sometimes quite remote is very relaxing and often missed by the public eye. I enjoy making the images, giving me the opportunity to share these images that would otherwise be unseen”. He also added, “Being out with the camera on my own really allows me to focus on capturing the moment, I use this time to experiment with new techniques and to perfect old ones. Looking back over my catalogue I can see how my style and quality of work has improved over the last few years since really dedicating time to various projects”.

One of his long term goals after seeing a print in a home furnishings store, was to go to and take photographs of the Lake District. “I saw a print of a Jetty on a lake, which turned out to be Derwent Water and I thought to myself; I want to be able to take photos like that and of that jetty. I’m pleased to say that after 7 years and a lot of traveling; I have finally achieved that and I look forward to ticking off some more personal goals in the near future”.

When asked what is the most rewarding thing about photography? He said, “Seeing people’s faces when you show them your work for the first time and just hearing the words ‘wow that’s amazing’.
I have had my work published, have won competitions and sold quite a few prints and even taken commissions, but nothing beats that wow factor “.

Wayne is so passionate about photography he just can’t keep it all to himself, which is why he runs photography workshops, read more about those here….

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