Halnaker Windmill

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Halnaker windmill on the Sussex downs has quite a history, Halnaker Mill was first mentioned in 1540 as belonging to the manor of “Halfnaked”. It was built for the Duke of Richmond as the feudal mill of the Goodwood Estate. The surviving mill is thought to date from the 1740s and is known to have been standing c.1780. Halnaker Mill was working until struck by lightning in 1905, damaging the sails and windshaft. The derelict mill was restored in 1934 by Neve’s, the Heathfield millwrights as a memorial to the wife of Sir William Bird. Further repair work was done in 1954 by E Hole and Sons, The Burgess Hill millwrights. The mill was again restored in 2004. The mill is owned by West Sussex County Council and is currently surrounded by fencing due to a timber beam falling making the structure unsafe by those in charge of current health and saftey.
Waiting up on the hill for full moon to rise once a month almost every month for 2 years (sometimes a day each side of full moon too) finally was able to capture this photo a 6 minute exposure lit by the moon. Many nights were ruined by rain, fog, cloud and even a Chinook helicopter! Halnaker windmill is an amazing place to go and just chill out.

Halnaker Windmill Moon lit

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