Brecon Waterfall – Sgwd Clun Gwyn Isaf

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I’ve been to Wales a few times now and I have to say its worth the 400 mile round trip just to see these brecon waterfalls, its a short 3-4 mile hike over medium terrain and you get not 1 but 4 waterfalls on 2 different walks that are only a few miles apart, its possible you could make all 8 in a day but it would be a very brisk stop if stopping at all, and would recommend if you wanted to see all 8 to do it over 2 days, there are even more Waterfalls in the local area but these are the most spectacular and dramatic of them all.

Sgwd Clun Gwyn Isaf

“Sgwd” is Welsh for waterfall and “Clun Gwyn Isaf” translates to The ‘lower fall of the white meadow’ , is on the Afon Mellte river, in an area known as waterfall country, because of its large number of publicly accessible waterfalls, situated just south of the Brecon beacons national park.
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dramatic waterfall Brecon waterfall

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